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Saturday, 6 July 2019

Daniella Okeke replies critic who accused her of eating poo in Dubai (Screenshots)

A follower who accused actress Daniella Okeke of eating poo in Dubai, has received more than he bargained for after the actress dragged him in the mud.

While reacting to a post the actress posted on her social media timeline on lowering one’s self-esteem, the followers identified as @instaseo9ja on Instagram asked if eating poo in Dubai doesn’t lower her self-esteem.

The actress who wouldn’t have that slammed the follower and wished upon him untimely death.

See her post:

Anything that costs you ur self esteem costs too much. If you ve to reduce urself to be part of anything, you ve declared urself lower than things and they will take what you offer. #daniellaokeke #Godovereverything

Nigerians on social media however took side with the follower and questioned the actress over her swift reaction. Many believed she was guilty of the accusation and that was the reason why she took it so personal with the accuser.

See different reactions:

Lol. That was so much. She sounds so triggered. I would have laughed that off if I know I don’t eat poop in Dubai lol. Ah. The way she sounds tho.

*** Wahala Dey for Naija. Whoever brought social media to Nigeria didn’t know it ll cos wahala reach like this

*** She took it way too personal 😥 is she truly one of them?

*** From her reply, I think she actually eats poop. The thing pain am😂😂😂. Truth is actually bitter

*** Sounds guilty. Simple question

*** E be like say she chow d shit true true, d matter over pain am