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Thursday, 4 July 2019

27-year-old cleaner who returned gold worth over N249m gets honoured (Photos)

A 27-year-old cleaner working in Dubai has been rewarded after returning a bag filled with 15kg gold bars worth over N249 million. The trustworthy chap took the bag without tampering with anything and took it to the authorities.

Taher Ali Maqbool first thought the heavy daffle bag was carrying tools belonging to a mechanic as the contents looked like metallic objects.

The bag was left unattended at the corner of a car park and when Taher started cleaning the floor, he became curious and tried to see what it was.

When The Pakistani cleaner lifted it, the bag was pretty heavy so he wondered what could have been inside.

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 HE Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the #RTA, honoured Mr. Taher Ali Maqbool, a cleaning worker in Al Sabkha parking, in recognition of his integrity in delivering a bag containing 15 kg of gold.

2:33 PM - Jun 27, 2019
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"It was very heavy. I thought at first that the bag belonged to a mechanic because it looked like a box that contained tools," he told Gulf News.

He then kept it safely hoping that the owner would soon show up and claim it. He said: “But it was unusually heavy. We kept it aside because we thought someone would come to collect it,” he added.

The security guard on duty then asked Taher to open the bag in case it contained the owner's information.

“We were shocked to find so much gold, no wonder it was so heavy,” he said. Those who owned the possession which was worth over N249 million were happy that it had been returned to them in one piece, hence, the authorities honoured the cleaner.