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Tuesday, 4 June 2019

See what her Husband did after she refused to buy food stuff in the home

There is no recipe for an happy marriage, different marriage are based one different arrangements that suite the couples involved. Sometimes a woman marries a very wealthy man and ends up being pampered for the rest of her live and sometimes the man might not be very wealthy or might even be POOR and the woman still finds a way to make the entire relationship work by not focusing on what they don't have but capitalizing on what they have and can share, sometimes there is just no solution, some marriages just cant work because they were built in shaky foundations, we have this story from one of our members on a recent encounter she had with her husband concerning money for food shopping, she feels the weight has not been evenly shared and wants a re-assessment, checkout here message below:
I don't know how this may sounds but am I suppose to contribute money in a home where my husband is comfortable to do everything? My husband doesn't gives me money for food or kitchen use, he always tells me to use my salary and if I raise a sound, he ask me what am I using my salary for 7? I have endured this for a long time until last week when I refused to buy food stuffs or make anything from my money. He got home from work and he asked me what did I make, I told him I didn't make anything as I didn't have enough money again to cook. And he asked me what happened to my salary and I told him it has finished and he kept quiet. We still have provision , he proceed to take tea and bread then he went to bed. Since that night, he has been coming back home with full stomach or he takes tea and bread at night. Now I am thinking am Ito be blamed cos I didn't disagree from the beginning of the marriage concerning this ? He takes care of everything apart from this though.... please how do I handle this ,I am getting fed up. 

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