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Sunday, 30 June 2019

Nigerian teacher narrates how one of her pupils helped her classmate who was in need

A Nigerian teacher, Okor Edewor, has shared the beautiful thing one her pupils, Favour Chidi, 8,  did for her fellow classmate, Helen, who was in need. Read below

Something touching happened in my school on Friday 7th June 2019.
A child named Favour Chidi came to school this morning and handed over 500naira note to her teacher and said, this is for Helens 'NOVEL' I ask my mum to buy my classmate(Helen) the Novel for the term, since she has not been able to buy hers and the term is running fast ma.
There is something spectacular about this story.
This is a child(Chidi Favour) whose parents has been in some financial stress, When I say financial stress I mean it, for the past 4 terms her parents has been struggling to pay her fees and that of her 2 younger brothers, it was just last weekend the struggling mother brought some amount of money to pay 70% of their bills owed. 
The child knowing the pains and setback experienced of not having a novel, willingly told her mum to get her classmate the novel.
This is really touching and encouraging, I was stunned and touched.
Friends and family, this is a real life story, it happened in my school. She is in basic 3(primary 3) as little as she is, a child of 8. 
This is worth emulating and worthy of encouragement
Now to you reading this how many people have you you mocked instead of rendering assistance.
Little favour did it. You too can.
I leave you to ponder. Thank you.

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