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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Photos that shows how insanely cold it is in America right now

The polar votex is a band of strong winds, high up in the atmosphere that keeps bitterly cold air locked around the Arctic region. Sometimes, like this year, it can drift further south than usual and envelop highly populated areas of North America. Chigaco has been particularly hard hit, with its notoriously windy location on Lake Michigan bringing wind-chill temperatures down to record-breaking lows.

Here are some of the photos below:

#1 How Cold Is It In The Midwest? Bubbles Are Freezing

#2 My Brother Was On One Of The Few Flights Into Chicago This Morning. He Took This Photo Of Frozen Lake Michigan From The Plane

#3 After Two Days Of Freezing Rain, This Mold Came Out

#4 Meanwhile In Minnesota. The Tank Exploded

#5 My Sister Opened Her Car Door In Chicago

#6 A Firefighter After Working In The -40° Polar Vortex

#7 My God. We've Reached The Day After Tomorrow

#8 Lunch In Chicago Today. I Like Mine Al Dente

#9 Trying To Make The Most Of This -40 F Weather

#10 “Is Iowa Really That Cold?”

#11 Pray For The Homeless During This Time! Give To Your Local Shelters. Most Are At Full Capacity

#12  It's So Cold In Chicago They Set Commuter Train Tracks On Fire To Warm Them

#13 It's So Cold In Iowa That We Froze Antifreeze

#14 Eye Lashes On Fleek! Is That A Thing? Is This The New Winter Running Fashion Statement?

#15 What Happens When You Blow Bubbles In A Freezing Weather

#16 Meanwhile In Wisconsin

#17 Going To Daycare When It's -30 Outside

#18 Frozen Chicken Eggs

#19 You Know It's Cold When The Toilet Paper Is Frozen In The Outhouse

#20 The Detroit River, Frozen All The Way To Canada


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