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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Story of 11 year old boy hustling for stranded family

A concerned Nigerian man touched by the plight of a family of five he spotted sleeping outside on the bare floor in Festac area in Lagos has asked the public to come to the family’s aid.
According to Omololu Omotosho, the mother is said to be mentally unstable while the oldest child who is just 11 years old, goes around begging for food and dancing in beer parlours just to fend for himself and family.

The family was spotted sleeping by 10.15 pm yesterday night as a cry for help is being made to the state government and other concerned Nigerians to come to the aid of the family.

Below is what Omolulu motosho

Well, this is sad. Please share and help

“Am not going to spare the pics tonight but I’ll say there is a family of five sleeping on the cement floor behind the blocks at 202rd E close..the peculiar thing about this family is the oldest kid is just 11 with 3 other sibling and a demented mum..the oldest boy seems to be the breadwinner cos he goes around with the 9 year old brother begging for food and dancing at public beer parlours.

Its very bad..please the Governor to be Sanwo-olu or Jimi Agbaje.. Lagos state house of assembly flag bearer Honourable Dipo Damola Olorunrinu should see me tag Local Government chairman ..the councillor of ward K .. Child services.. And every true Nigerian who has a heart should please help.

Amongst them is a toddler less than 2years. If you can’t please help tag the necessary people you know can help and share.

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